Brody Newell


Below are some of the statistics of my website and what we have done here.




Websites Made


Here are some of the things that I do. Usually in personal projects.

Website Development

If you would like a custom website, you can contact me, or click on one of my social medias. I don't usually provide custom websites but sometimes I can make an exception.

Discord Bot Development

If you are interested in a bot or AI, please view some of the projects I have made to invite them. You can view this in my project page.

Game Creation

I like to make games, usually if I'm not working on my website(s) or bots/AI. For Game Development, I tend to use Unity, but sometimes I spice things up and test my knowledge in JavaScript.

More Coming Soon!

Feel free to request for more services and specialties for me to provide. If you want to request a feature or game for this site, visit my contact page to send me an email!


Brody Newell


Quite a good site indeed. You get my approval.



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